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Wash&Go Next day Definition. 

So…last night I had a bit of an internal dilemma. I had a date and wanted to have a fresh, casual yet really cute style so I wanted to have freshly washed curls.

Buuuuut I’ve noticed that my curls really dry up at night and I was dreading having to rewash again in the morning. (I guess I’m at the newly cut stage of wanting my curls to be fresh at all times). 

After the back and forth, talk-to-yourself-in-the-mirror struggle… I just shrugged at life, washed my hair and went on my date.

When I was going to bed I almost cried at the idea of having to wake up earlier to make sure my hair was on point…and then a light bulb popped up in my head.

I used a shower cap under my satin bonnet to sleep!!!!!!!!

This morning I woke up with the same curls as last night. =)

So in love with the turn out! I’m sure this is old news for veteran naturals, but I just HAD to share for those new curlies out there!

Any other suggestions on how to keep wash&gos moisturized over night?

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